What type of Writer are you?

As we all know, there are several types of writer that tickles our imagination and mind. If you are an aspiring writer, what kind of writer would you be? The one who creates stories to make everyone cry? Or the writer who informs anyone about the trend in our society today? If you still don’t know how, then, I have just the thing for you. I can share the different types of writers, and from that, you can select the path you want to walk as a writer of novels or a writer of information? Or others?


This kind of writers brings forth their imagination through writing stories that bring please and entertainment to the reader. The themes for their stories discover the concept of fiction by using unique themes that intend to bring amusement to the readers.


These are writers that use words in terms of lyrics. Usually, their work is divided into different parts, such as verses and chorus.


Writers who write scripts for several clients such as films and programs are called screenwriters. Screenwriters are the one behind the famous lines that you hear in your favorite movies.


Although an editor works on the paper or material that needs thorough editing that does not limit them to write their work.


A poet is a writer that focuses on the construction of poems. They use several techniques such as including rhymes within their works and even integrating different styles such as figures of speech and idiomatic expression to make their overall work emotional to the reader.


These are the kind of writers that works about the life of a person but may not be their own.


Academically inclined people that write about facts and discoveries that can contribute to the overall knowledge of the people. Works that can identify and bring forth new ideas that can prove theories, for example.


Writes on the current events that are of importance, they gather their data through interviews and report them afterward.

These are some of the few options you can select from. Are you fond of writing novels? Then maybe you’re a novelist. These are some of the types of writers, how about you? What kind of writer are you?